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New Single

Lit It UP


With Roller skates and a dream, Kim Manning was discovered by George Clinton’s Parliament/Funkadelic and has since toured the world sharing her prodigal voice with the likes of Atmosphere, Future, Soulclap, Snoop Dogg, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers and has been featured on TV shows such as David Letterman, Grammy Awards, and Flavor of Love and Perry Mason.  Her heart-filled lyrics soar over infectious grooves and delights her over 100,ooo social media followers with her positive vibes.

With vibes of modern day Portishead, Kim Manning pulls from her deep funk roots in the Trip Hop Bop ‘Lit it up’, celebrating the spark of love! 

Inspired by the carefree days of summer festivals, Lit it Up is an anthem for that love that lights up the sky and makes you fly.   

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